ABOUT PERU TREK 4 GOOD / Government Legal Permits
PERU TREK 4 GOOD is a Travel Agent from Cusco-Peru, launched by Yure Chavez: Peruvian famous travel agent/guide, and other professionals in Tourism which have been guiding and organizing Customized and Tailor Made Itineraries: Adventure, Ecotourism, Bird Watching, Conventional and “off the beaten track” Tours for more than 12 years. Peru Trek 4 Good is for travelers who want more real and authentic holidays that also benefit the environment and local people. We offer and practice a Responsible Tourism; designing more enjoyable and authentic holidays that maximize the benefits to local communities, minimize any negative social or environmental impacts of tourism, and help local people in health, education, and to conserve fragile cultures and habitats/species. Our mission is to act as a conduit and open a window into the little known aspects and insights in the region, enabling you to explore the areas of your particular interest, whilst enjoying a well balanced itinerary. We do this by providing quality advice at the PLANNING stages of your trip, and quality support DURING your travels. We will assist you in the choice of destinations and accommodation all of which we have and are personally visiting during the last calendar year. Our recommendations always lie on locally inspired and/or owned establishments, never compromising comfort and always offering value for money. We will provide serious and well researched background information on the destinations to be visited as well as current practical details to make your trip run smoothly. On the ground we are fully dedicated to cover every logistical aspect of the trip so everything works out. We are contactable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help you out in the case you run into any inconvenience or you want to change your plans.
Please also note that every Peru Trek 4 Good trip either has a volunteer component built in, or is organized to raise funds for a particular
Project we Support. It is another way that we can support our community-based partners around the country and educate more people through direct, personal experience.

TESTIMONIALS AT TRIP ADVISOR: Marian Mathews: matthm2@charter.net - We were thrilled with the trip he planned and led for me and my husband. I can't recommend Yure highly enough. We were also very impressed with Yure’s passion for helping his fellow Peruvians and giving back to his community. In addition to his work as a guide, he has created and/or participates in a number of non-profit community action projects which benefit Peruvians in need. For a custom-designed, superbly-organized and memorable experience in Peru with an articulate, knowledgeable and charming guide, I would strongly encourage you to contact Yure: yure_c@yahoo.com