Every Peru Trek 4 Good trip either has a volunteer component built in or is organized to raise funds for a particular Social Project we Support. This is another way how we can support our community-based partners around the country and educate more people through direct, personal experience:

The area at the base of Mount Ausangate is beautiful and remote. At an average elevation of 12,000ft, the growing season is short and the local diet is largely meat and potatoes. This project is a collaborative effort of four communities who all desire access to basic healthcare. This clinic will serve all four communities, about 4,000 people, and provide prenatal care, birthing assistance, nutritional support and first aid for these communities. Read more about the project
We are a charitable organization working to bridge cross-cultural gaps between North America and Peru. We aim to realize the dreams of Peruvian students and textile workers through our two projects, Project Colibri and Banco de Jovenes.
Our goals:
To educate through Youth Bank for the Future, a project aiming to provide post-secondary education for twenty graduating students in Ollantaytambo, in hopes of establishing a stronger base of professionals in future generations.
To preserve through Project Colibri: Strands for Sustainability, working with textiles communities to keep their art and culture alive.
To connect generations, and the elders and youth of the Andes, spread awareness between the cultures and languages of Canada and Peru, and bridge the gap in the commodity chain between producer and consumer. Read more about the Project
Aynikuy is also the name of The Mountain Fund's new micro-finance program in Peru.
Why a micro-finance program in Peru?
The typical salary in Peru (if you can get a job) is about $200 per month. Families cannot live on so small an income so many families have started very small businesses as street vendors, small libraries, hardware shops, grocery shops, etc. These entrepreneurs do not have easy access to needed capital to purchase inventory, or to expand and improve their businesses. Banks ask for collateral which people do not have, or charge interest rates that are too high. Read more about “AYNIKUY”…

This home is supported by the Cusco Regional Government. There are 60 orphans in this home ranging in age from 1-18 years old. 80% of residents are children and 20% are teens. These children are orphans due to bad social and economic problems with their families and were sent by the courts to live here. Again, they are what is called “social orphans” meaning they have biological families living, but unable or unwilling to support these children. The children live in “apartments” in groups of 10, with each group having a house mother who takes care of them.
There’s a small and simple clinic located in “Tica Tica”, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Cusco. The clinic rents the facility from the neighborhood, and therefore they work mostly with the neighbors and farmers that come from nearby villages. On average, the clinic sees 50-60 patients per week.
The clinic has 2 doctors, 2 dentists, 1 obstetrician, 3 nurses, 1 chief of laboratory, and 1 secretary; all of whom are volunteers. They are also involved in disaster prevention and other social work.
The clinic performs basic medical procedures, dental work, some obstetrician care, birth control counseling, etc. They send people who need surgeries to the hospitals, as they don’t have the finances or facility to conduct surgeries.
The clinic is in need of doctors, dentists, obstetricians; basically any volunteers who can perform any kind of medical work. The clinic also needs administrative volunteers for the office.

TESTIMONIALS AT TRIP ADVISOR: Marian Mathews: - We were thrilled with the trip he planned and led for me and my husband. I can't recommend Yure highly enough. We were also very impressed with Yure’s passion for helping his fellow Peruvians and giving back to his community. In addition to his work as a guide, he has created and/or participates in a number of non-profit community action projects which benefit Peruvians in need. For a custom-designed, superbly-organized and memorable experience in Peru with an articulate, knowledgeable and charming guide, I would strongly encourage you to contact Yure: