Today, the advances in technology make possible to travel nearly anywhere, anytime, have also created an overwhelming flood of information about the choices available to any traveler.Try a web search on any travel-related word or phrase, and you’ll see what we mean. Add the specialty magazines and cable television channels alone, and you have a serious inundation of information. Throw in your local newspaper’s Sunday travel section, a few best-selling books on the subject and an “insider’s” newsletter or two, and you may grind entirely to a halt.The whole world is there offering and selling Peru; waiting for you - and every destination, hotel, restaurant and authority looks good. But we know, and you know, that not all of them are. So how do you choose? Simply: contact PERU TREK 4 GOOD, it is our job, not only to simplify travel for our guests before their trip, but to ensure that the arrangements we make are right…the first time.For more than 12 years, I have been providing clients with the assurance that, when they travel with us, the local guides, accommodations, excursions and dining will be the very best that our full-time, on-site staff can arrange: in short, the best in Peru. PERU TREK 4 GOOD takes its travelers on extraordinary journeys-in extraordinary style. Knowledgeable local guides, the best value accommodations, comfortable transportation and a choice of activities and amenities are immutable standards on every PERU TREK 4 GOOD Trip. Because we are a Local Peruvian Operator and have a Responsible Tourism Policy; we always design & offer more enjoyable and authentic holidays that maximize the benefits to local communities, minimize any negative social or environmental impacts of tourism, and help local people in health, education, and to conserve their fragile cultures and habitats/species. THIS IS THE OTHER AMAZING FEELING YOU WILL HAVE: TRAVELLING WITH US YOU WILL ALSO HELP THE GREAT SOCIAL PROJETCS WE SUPPORT, WICH HELP LOCAL PEOPLE!!!. So, as you plan your next holiday adventure, remember that there is a simple short cut to Excellence & Responsible Tourism: PERU TREK 4 GOOD.Unforgettable travel memories are just one e-mail away:
Sincerely yours,Yure ChavezOwner/General Manager

TESTIMONIALS AT TRIP ADVISOR: Marian Mathews: matthm2@charter.net - We were thrilled with the trip he planned and led for me and my husband. I can't recommend Yure highly enough. We were also very impressed with Yure’s passion for helping his fellow Peruvians and giving back to his community. In addition to his work as a guide, he has created and/or participates in a number of non-profit community action projects which benefit Peruvians in need. For a custom-designed, superbly-organized and memorable experience in Peru with an articulate, knowledgeable and charming guide, I would strongly encourage you to contact Yure: yure_c@yahoo.com