While in Cusco you will be staying in the home of Yure Chavez. There’s a volunteers' apartment at Yure’s with 3 bedrooms, 3 baths and living area, plus kitchen, there’s also TV cable, wireless internet, and computers available. We’ll provide Breakfast and Lunch each day but you are welcome to fix yourself some snacks in the kitchen as well. Each bedroom is equipped for double occupancy (two twin beds).
You’ll be living in a real Peruvian neighborhood while at Yure’s. From their house you can walk (slowly) to the main plaza in about 10-15 minutes.
We will make all the arrangements for you to transfer from Lima to Cusco (transportation to Cusco not included), pick you up at the airport and get you settled in. Then we will show you around Cusco so you can navigate the city (which is easy) and introduce you at your volunteer placement.
Since Yure is a professional guide and owner of Peru Trek 4 Good a highly recommended travel company, they can answer any questions you have about travelling in Peru: on tours of Inca sites, Cathedrals, treks, amazon etc.
If you have any further questions about our volunteer work in Peru, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at:
We have the next main areas for our volunteers to choose from: If you would like others, please let us know, we will find the right and most convenient place for you!!


This home is supported by the Cusco Regional Government. There are 60 orphans in this home ranging in age from 1-18 years old. 80% of residents are children and 20% are teens. These children are orphans due to bad social and economic problems with their families and were sent by the courts to live here. Again, they are what is called “social orphans” meaning they have biological families living, but unable or unwilling to support these children. The children live in “apartments” in groups of 10, with each group having a house mother who takes care of them.
Work Shops they have now and ongoing, are: bakery, ceramics, clothes making (knitting, sewing, etc.), computers, and they also have a small farm where they raise guinea pigs, rabbits and grow some vegetables.
REQUIREMENTS: Some Spanish would be very useful here too. Volunteers can help the children and the mothers in any of the described workshops. Help is also needed for nannies, nurses, and tutors, you can also help with the painting and decoration of the dormitories, etc, etc.


There’s a small and simple clinic located in “Tica Tica” (one of the poorest neighborhoods in Cusco City) , and an other one at Quiquijana (one of the poorest neighborhoods in Cusco state). These clinics mostly work for the neighbors and farmers that come from nearby villages. On average, the clinic sees 50-60 patients per week. 
The clinics have 2 doctors, 2 dentists, 1 obstetrician, 3 nurses, 1 chief of laboratory, and 1 secretary; all of whom are volunteers. They are also involved in disaster prevention and other social work.
The clinic performs basic medical procedures, dental work, some obstetrician care, birth control counseling, etc. They send people who need surgeries to the hospitals, as they don’t have the finances or facility to conduct surgeries.
The clinic is in need of doctors, dentists, obstetricians; basically any volunteers who can perform any kind of medical work. The clinic also needs administrative volunteers for the office.
For volunteering at the clinics there is an extra charge of US$100 per person

Your Placement/ Donation Fee of $200 includes:
Placement/Donation for your volunteering duration of one to four weeks.
Making your arrangements and reservations to get from Lima to Cusco,  making arrangements for you to overnight in Lima if needed (cost of airport pickup and hotel not included).
Pick up from Cusco airport and city tour. Introduction at your placement and other assistance as you may need from time to time while living in Cusco. Spanish introduction and practice every day.

Your Homestay Fee of $90 per week includes:
Affordable & comfortable homestay at our own volunteer house with host Yure Chavez, which includes breakfast and Lunch each day.

A minimum homestay of two weeks is required. If you have just 1 week please contact us:

TESTIMONIALS AT TRIP ADVISOR: Marian Mathews: - We were thrilled with the trip he planned and led for me and my husband. I can't recommend Yure highly enough. We were also very impressed with Yure’s passion for helping his fellow Peruvians and giving back to his community. In addition to his work as a guide, he has created and/or participates in a number of non-profit community action projects which benefit Peruvians in need. For a custom-designed, superbly-organized and memorable experience in Peru with an articulate, knowledgeable and charming guide, I would strongly encourage you to contact Yure: